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White Mat Studios

White Brick Wall

White Mat Studios provides the design and instruction of bespoke Yoga and Meditation sequences and on location classes coordinated to the needs of individual students and groups. Be it a one-on-one private class, a large corporate gathering, or anything in between our certified and experienced yoga instructors will work with you in order to arrange personalized single or multiple sessions based off your exact goals and needs then bring the 


Approach your mat as an artist would approach a blank page or canvas.  Step back and envision what you need, then begin to create strength, movement, energy, inner peace and wellbeing. Your blank and empty space, wherever it will be, can transform into the creation of a world of infinite possibilities.  

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In Studio

Attend one of my classes at my home studio in Irvine, California.


On Location

Areas of nature, favorite locations/destinations, on location sets, weddings, birthdays, retreats, etc. 

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In Office

Te Amo Mirela, you are my life!  

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Via Zoom 

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At Home

One on One or Small Group Sessions in the privacy of your own home. 

Many painters are afraid of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas is afraid of the truly passionate painter who dares - and who has once broken the spell of "you can't".    - Vincent van Gogh

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